You never get a second chance to make a first impressions. What do your graphics say about your company, your brand? I bring creative, fresh solutions to make the first impression a powerful one.


Fifty percent of every buying decision is driven by emotion, which is why businesses need to make a personal connection with customers. I understand the forces that help build a company’s relationship with its audience. I use and craft these forces within brand marketing communications to develop emotional, lasting relationships.


The importance of quality graphic design is twofold: First, it makes a good impression and connects audiences with your brand. Second, it helps deliver your message in a more impactful way. My design experience, knowledge of fine art principles, and creative solutions will help ensure that your carefully crafted company story will hit the target and make the most impact on the audience.


Illustrations reach audiences more directly and intensely than text alone, effectively communicating complicated ideas at a glance. I use my fine art skills to expertly develop custom illustrations that quickly and clearly convey your targeted message and leave viewers with a lasting impression of your company.

I'd love to talk to you about your project. cg@chrisgilmanstudio.com • 719-232-4712 •