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You found your story. Now the story needs momentum to propel your business forward. That's where I can help.


This phase, the project definition and planning, is the most important phase of the UX development process because it lays the foundation for the project’s success. I will use this step to keep the project aligned with the company’s goals while achieving budget and schedule targets.


This represents the structure of the project, similar to the architectural blueprint for a house. Done correctly, it structures ideas, structures interaction and structures experiences, and is a great way to communicate with all the stakeholders. My approach is a collaborative one, working with the team to address problems early on rather than later, when it’s more difficult and costly.


A dynamic UI design helps enhance and bring to life the carefully crafted UX structure, engaging users and creating a stronger connection. From the research and data collected I will develop an elegant User Centered design across digital platforms that resonates with the target audience.

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